The messages listed below do not fall underneath of one series, but include the hearts of different individuals we have had come speak at Immanuel, as well as special messages given by our Pastors.

September 1, 2019 “Church as A Garden”

Matt ragain

June 23, 2019 “YWAM Ships”

The pineault family

March 24, 2019 “Government & The Church”

Shea cutshaw

December 30, 2018 “Handling Trials”

Joel ericson

December 24, 2018 “The Story of the Innkeeper”

matt ragain

December 23, 2018 “A Shadow of the Season”

Shea cutshaw

December 16, 2018 “Discovering Joy”

Matt ragain

December 2, 2018 “Life in the Jungle”

Matt ragain

November 25, 2018 “Family Discipleship”

Shea cutshaw

November 18, 2018 “Friendship”

Matt ragain

October 21, 2018 “The Joy of the Lord”

Matt Ragain

October 14, 2018 “Evangelism”

Dan Carlson

September 2, 2018 “The Preeminence of Christ”

Shea Cutshaw